Top 10 Smartphone Companies in the World

Smartphones have become increasingly popular over the last few decades. With an estimated 6.4 billion people using it (about 83% of the world’s population), the global smartphone market is truly huge.

The following is a list of 10 world smartphone brands ranked by units sold in 2020. Chinese smartphone manufacturers dominate this list, but as expected, South Korean and Californian United States (US) brands still occupy the top positions.


First of world top 10 mobile company name list Samsung, Samsung has dominated global market share for every quarter of the last three years (apart from Q4 2020, when Apple briefly took the crown.) The South Korean company shipped 315 million units last year or 100 million more than Apple.

The tech giant has managed to strike the perfect balance between quality and affordability. However, there are also Samsung phones that cost fantastically. To note, Samsung is the first smartphone manufacturer to use Google’s Android operating system.

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smartphone companies in the world Apple Since the iPhone revolutionized mobile technology in 2007, Apple has been renowned for its high quality, though expensive, sales. The smartphone occupies about 15% of the world market, but its market share in India (only 3%) and China (13%) means there are still countries where the iPhone can continue to grow.

Apple dominates the market at home, namely in the United States, where the iPhone accounted for 65% of smartphone shipments in Q4 2020. In total, Apple shipped 215 million units worldwide last year.


The last and most famous Chinese phone manufacturer on this list is Huawei. Its market share worldwide has grown from 3 – 8% over the last nine years, while its global exports have more than doubled between 2015 and 2019. They shipped 152 million units last year to place them in third place on this top ten list. world best mobile

However, the phone manufacturer has been banned from using 5G networks in several countries, while Huawei has also had restrictions imposed when working with US companies – both factors may start to see its sales decline soon.


Oppo is the fifth Chinese smartphone manufacturer on this list (but not the last). While it has always fared well among its domestic competitors at home, it has grown exponentially over the past six years worldwide. Now Oppo occupies 10.8% of the world market, up 2.2% in 2015. This equates to shipments of 111 million units in 2020; while some of these units can cost as little as IDR 2.5 Million, while the Oppo Find X3 Pro will cost you more than IDR 15 Million. phone brand ranking

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Vivo is relatively new to the mobile market. Just established 12 years ago. They shipped 95 million units last year, but most of these sales are in Asia. In China, where the company is based, it was the largest phone maker by sales as of early 2021, currently occupying just a quarter of the market.

In India Vivo is quite famous for sponsoring the Indian Premier League. Vivo occupies the third position in India, after Xiaomi and Samsung, with a market share of around 16%.


Xiaomi quickly rose to prominence at the start of the last decade before becoming China’s largest smartphone manufacturer in 2014, four years after its founding. Since then, Xiaomi has lagged behind Vivo and OPPO, which occupied the third most sales in their own country. The brand continues to expand overseas, but with the launch of the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, Xioami is trying and taking on the flagship phones of Samsung and Apple. The Chinese phone maker shipped 95 million units in 2020. most popular phone brands


LG’s entry at 7th on this list may come as a surprise, as it was announced in April 2021 that the South Korean company was closing its mobile division after six years of losses. Even so, they still shipped 55 million units of cell phones last year.

You can still own LG phones, like the flagship LG Wing, but only while supplies last. Most likely LG will not sit in such a high position next year.


Lenovo is better known for its laptops than smartphones, mainly because all of their phones are Motorola branded – Lenovo bought the company in 2014 to strengthen its position in the US market. most popular phone brand in the world

Lenovo now has the fourth largest share in the American market, with a share of 7%. Worldwide, the company whose flagship phone is the Motorola Edge, shipped 50 million smartphones last year.

Alcatel Lucent

For smartphone users in Indonesia, Alcatel Lucent is not very popular, but did you know that this brand was purchased by Nokia in 2016, namely the OneTouch smartphone brand. The France-based company shipped 20 million units of their phones in 2020, mainly thanks to their ridiculously low prices. Alcatel phones can cost as little as £25 in the UK! top mobile company in world

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The next top 10 best phones in the world ZTE, ZTE is the first smartphone manufacturer from China to occupy this list. This company is quite behind compared to other manufacturers in the country. But ZTE managed to control a 10% market share globally and shipped 45 million units last year.

ZTE suffered the same fate when fellow Chinese brand Huawei was blocked from using its 5G network in several countries, including India and Sweden, meaning its global position would be threatened in the future.