How Fullerton Hotel Pampers Everyone with Total Satisfaction on Rooms

How Fullerton Hotel Pampers Everyone with Total Satisfaction on Rooms

How Fullerton Hotel Pampers Everyone with Total Satisfaction on Rooms
How Fullerton Hotel Pampers Everyone with Total Satisfaction on Rooms



Fullerton Hotel has lots of positive reviews about being one of the most outstanding Singapore hotels. It is not surprising as this hotel has been around for decades. Besides, it can maintain its reputation very well. There is no doubt that it will become your next hotel to visit for your holiday or business trip.

How Good is Fullerton Hotel in Serving Guests?

There should no doubt in believing that this hotel has an excellent service. Just like all Singapore hotelsFullerton Hotel also offers outstanding service from experienced, friendly staff. You can see it from their performance this hotel really can bring a deep impression of being the best place for either weekend or year-end holidays.

For sure, the rooms of a hotel represent the overall quality. The same thing applies here. Nothing is disappointing about Fullerton Hotel. All spacious rooms are worth booking. They are all newly refurbished though they still maintain the heritage look. The wood finishing wall has such an interesting motif that makes the rooms are more vintage, yet cozy. A vintage Fullerton Merlion plush on the bed table enhances the heritage look, in which this plush is available at the gift store.

Yet, not all of them offer Singapore views. Keep in mind that some rooms don’t provide views of Marina Bay or the Singapore River. They face the atrium instead. But, some people don’t mind about it as they still can enjoy a good time for relaxing at the day-bed that is available in every room.

Reviewers stated their satisfaction with the Simmons Beautyrest mattress in every room. No wonder, all guests wouldn’t hesitate to come back for another traveling experience here. Within each room, there are shower amenities with exclusive packaging, as well as a fully stocked fridge and minibar.  

Wonderful Spa to Enjoy at their Best

While each room pampers every guest with excellent amenities, the spa and steam rooms are the real deal for guests to use. Nobody can doubt the finest service of The Fullerton Spa that enhances both the luxury and quality of every treatment. Using the premium brand of spa, ESPA, every guest can rest assured that they will get the best spa treatment in this spa.

The best choice of the Fullerton Spa comprehensive treatments include Asian Heritage Signature, in which guests can enjoy scalp massage for stress-relieved, and also deep muscle massage for total rejuvenation.

For the best facial treatment, The Fullerton Signature Facial is ready to deliver its innovative facial treatment for enhancing the look and health of the skin.  Don’t worry, there are also men’s treatments here like Deep Cleansing Facial for men that are made perfectly for refreshing the skin.

Need a total treatment? Hero Treatment delivers personalized spa and massage treatment for the face, back, and scalp with the most hygiene and high-quality ingredients for the aromatherapy massage oil. Total rejuvenation is what guests experience.

So, don’t waste another time making an advanced booking at Fullerton Hotel. You don’t only get the most fantastic holiday experience, but also the most memorable moment that you might have never imagined before.