Catat Keberhasilan Diet Setiap Hari, Membantu Mempertahankan Persentase Lemak Tubuh 13 %

Swab Test Jakarta – Making lasting change requires working on your mind as much as your body.

One strategy which has really helped me is, before going to bed every night, writing down at least three health “wins” from the day.

Catat Keberhasilan Bukan Kegagalan

That could be surpassing my step goal, eating five portions of vegetables, or stopping eating when I’m full and putting the rest of the pizza in the fridge. This strategy was particularly useful on days where I felt like I’d failed and gone completely off-track.

You’re not striving for perfection — aim for 80% consistency. For your mental health if nothing else (and if you want to keep your social life), you need to be able to indulge and relax from time to time without it sending you into a spiral of despair, guilt, and wanting to give up. Swab Test Jakarta